• Dealer programming for Ford, GMC & Dodge products – updates, reflashes, module replacement programming

  • Diesel engine repair/replacement on all makes

  • Engine replacements

  • Drivetrain repairs & replacements (Differential repairs, Transmission repairs/replacement, Transfer Case repairs/replacement)

  • Security system programming and key replacement on domestics.

  • North American Vehicles (Buick / Cadillac / Chevrolet / Chrysler / Dodge/ Ford / GMC / Hummer / Jeep / Lincoln / Mercury / Pontiac / Saturn / RAM)

  • Asian Vehicles (Acura / Fiat / Honda / Hyundai / Infiniti / Kia / Lexus / Mazda / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Scion / Subaru / Suzuki / Toyota)

  • European Vehicles (Audi / BMW / Jaguar / Land Rover / Mercedes / Mini / Porsche / Saab / Smart / Volkswagen / Volvo)

  • Hino Trucks

  • Commercial Inpsections

  • Out of Province Inspections


car maintenance - pouring fluid into car

Mechanical Repairs For Every Vehicle

With over four decades of servicing and repairing vehicles of every make and model, the team at Shamrock Automotive is ready and able to handle any concerns you are experiencing with your car or truck.

Vehicle Inspections

Mechanical Inspections: Our comprehensive inspection covers the main components of your car or truck, with an emphasis on safety.

Out of Province Inspections: We are licensed by the Alberta Government to carry out these inspections when registering a vehicle that has been imported from another province.

Commercial Vehicle Inspections: We are licensed by the Alberta Government to carry out these inspections in accordance with the Commercial Vehicle Inspection program.

Insurance Inspections: Many insurance companies require one of these to be done if your vehicle is over 10 years old, before insuring your vehicle.

Engine Performance & Electrical Diagnostics

Over the years, electrical components in your vehicle may require reprograming, recalibration or repairs. If you notice any warning light flashing, bring it into Shamrock.

Maybe your vehicle doesn’t seem to operate as smoothly as it used to, perhaps it is losing power, your fuel consumption has gone off the scale; all these things should and can be quickly checked out by our technicians.

Our team of experienced technicians will be able to diagnose and quickly provide a solution to your problem using the very latest equipment.

Diesel Engine Repairs

At Shamrock Automotive, diesel engine repair is a major component of our business.

Diesel vehicles bring their own challenges. As a diesel vehicle owner, you know the importance of finding a reliable repair shop that has technicians specializing in diesel repairs.

At Shamrock we have factory trained technicians with the experience, knowledge and expertise necessary to handle your concerns, using the very latest in tools and diagnostic equipment.

  • Complete diesel engine and powertrain diagnosis and repair.
  • Emission systems diagnosis and repair, including EGR, DEF and DPF Delete.
  • Regular scheduled and preventative maintenance, using the correct specified oil and other fluids.

Drivability Problems

Factors that impair your ability to drive such as, vehicular vibration, steering that is too stiff or loose, are hazards to yourself and other drivers on the road.

Have you noticed a new or different noise when driving? There is always a reason, and it may be minor, but it could also be very serious, so it needs checking.

If you experience any concerns in your vehicle that affect your ability to drive, contact Shamrock Automotive today.

4 Wheel Alignments

Is your vehicle pulling to the right or left? Do you have to hold your steering wheel at an angle to drive straight? Noticing an uneven tread on your tires or notice your steering wheel vibrating or shaking while driving? These are all telltale signs that your car is out of alignment. Wheel alignment is an essential part of maintenance.

Misaligned wheels can make driving very difficult and a safety hazard to you and other drivers on the road. Contact Shamrock Automotive today and we will diagnose your vehicle for potential misalignment concerns.

Scheduled Maintenance

Do you realize the importance of regular maintenance and service of your vehicle? Scheduling regular maintenance and servicing for your vehicle can help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and ensure it operates as it was designed to do.

It also can help prevent that gut-wrenching feeling when you realize you didn’t change, or even check, the oil until a thunderous noise signals the life of your engine has come to a premature end. Maybe you didn’t check the cooling system until it was too late, so your engine overheats and grinds to a halt in the middle of nowhere. Either way, you could be looking at thousands of dollars to fix it.

Just a couple of the many reasons why you need to keep your vehicle well maintained.

Today, most vehicles may have their warranty voided if they do not carry out regular maintenance. The Shamrock Automotive team will help you take all necessary precautions to ensure you protect your vehicle.


Winterization Service

Get your vehicle ready for the long winter. Winterization service typically includes:

Autobody Shop - Sanding Car - Car shops near me
  • Change Engine Oil & Filter, ensure that oil is suitable for winter use.

  • Grease Job (if applicable)

  • Check All Fluid Levels (check that winter washer fluid is used)

  • Ensure Coolant Is Good To Minus 40 degrees

  • Check Block Heater *** (see below)

  • Check Air Filter

  • Check All Belts & Hoses

  • Check All Lights

  • Check Heater Operation & Cabin Filter

  • Check Wipers & Wiper Operation

  • Reset Oil-Life Monitor (if applicable)

  • Check Tire Pressure, Condition & Tread

  • Switch Over Tires (if required).

  • If Diesel – Check DEF Fluid

***Block Heater Installation & Replacement

Do you know that many vehicles sold out of province do not include a block heater? Northern Alberta is notorious for its freezing cold winters and to better prepare your vehicle, we recommend the installation of a block heater.

Engine block heaters are devices used to warm the engine and fluids before starting a vehicle. In bitter cold temperatures, block heaters are useful as they reduce the risk of the severe damage that comes from “cold starts”. When the car or truck is started after the block heater has been plugged in, fluids quickly reach an ideal operating temperature, allowing you to safely drive away sooner. Your vehicle interior will also warm up faster.

Spring & Summer Service

Regularly scheduled Spring/Summer Service allows you to maximize the enjoyment of the warmer temperatures. Our Spring/Summer Service typically includes:

Autobody Shop - Sanding Car - Car shops near me
  • Change Engine Oil & Filter, ensure oil is suitable for warm weather use.

  • Grease Job (if applicable)

  • Check All Fluids

  • Check cooling system

  • Check Air Filter

  • Check All Belts & Hoses

  • Check All Lights

  • Check Air Conditioner Operation & Cabin Filter

  • Check Wipers & Wiper Operation

  • Reset Oil-Life Monitor (if applicable)

  • Check Tire Pressure, Condition & Tread

  • Switch Over Tires (if required)

  • If Diesel – Check DEF Fluid

Brake & Suspension Repairs

Notice a high-pitched squeak when braking? How about a menacing grinding sound, or a pulsation coming through the brake pedal? Worst of all, does it take longer for your car to slow down or stop? These are a few of the signs that your brakes need prompt attention.

Have our team of technicians inspect the brakes on your vehicle. We will advise you of what is required, provide you a quote, and perform our guaranteed repairs to make your vehicle safe.

Ensure that you are also monitoring your suspension; your suspension provides you with the ability to drive comfortably and adjust well to road conditions. Both your brakes and suspension are crucial to being able to safely control your vehicle. Shamrock Automotive provides optimal repair and maintenance for all brake and suspension concerns.


Outfitting and custom installs for fleet vehicles, service trucks, mechanic & welding trucks, and more to meet our customers needs.

  • Buggy Whips

  • Beacon Lights
  • Running Boards
  • Lift Kits
  • Levelling Kits

  • Box Liners

  • Auxiliary Tanks

  • Laptop Mounts

  • Inverters

  • Headache Racks

  • Light Bars

  • Back-Up Alarms

  • Mount Fire Extinguishers

  • Install GPS Units

  • Service and repair of V-Mac Compressors

  • Commercial Vehicle Inspections


If you don’t see what we do on the list please feel free contact us, as we try to service all needs of our customers!